UniPID's annual seminar 2023: From words to action: Laying foundations for responsible academic partnerships with the Global South

On 25 October 2023, UniPID launched the Ethical Guidelines for Responsible Academic Partnerships with the Global South. The event was organized in collaboration with the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity and consisted of a keynote by Liisa Laakso, chair of the international steering group for the ethical guidelines development; a presentation of the ethical guidelines document done by the UniPID task force; an expert commentary by Tiina Vihma-Purovaara, senior ministerial adviser at the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland; and a panel discussion on mainstreaming and embedding ethical guidelines in everyday practices.

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UniPID's 20th Anniversary event: Towards an inclusive and equitable global academic landscape

On 2 December 2022, UniPID celebrated its 20th anniversary with a seminar and a cocktail event. Since its establishment, UniPID has highlighted the value and role of global academic partnerships in finding solutions for grand challenges and supporting sustainable development pathways. Throughout the years, UniPID has served as an avenue for bringing global responsibility and Global South perspectives into Finnish higher education institutions’ education, research, and societal impact activities. By promoting collaboration between the global science community as well as between researchers and policy makers, UniPID has fostered the co-creation of glocally relevant knowledge as well as research-informed decision making in higher education policy, science policy and development policy. The anniversary event will celebrate global academic partnerships as an impactful tool for finding solutions for global challenges.

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UniPID & GINTL stakeholder event: Partnership dialogues: Identifying elements for good partnerships

On May 19 2022, UniPID and the Global Innovation Network for Teaching and Learning (GINTL) Africa Network organized a stakeholder workshop which aimed to increase global academic cooperation and integrate Global South voices and perspectives into the work of the Finnish higher education institutions (HEIs). Strong collaborative, participative ties, and understanding of the local contexts, in which Finland also aims in the national policy papers (e.g. Finland’s Africa Strategy), are crucial for addressing the global, yet locally bound, phenomenon, such as global education crisis. This stakeholder event brought together academics from Finnish and African HEIs with other stakeholders to discuss current challenges and priorities in partnerships.

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UniPID in the Development Days Conference 2022

UniPID contributed to the Development Days 2022: Infrastructures, technologies and vulnerabilities in global development, organized by the Finnish Society for Development Research (FSDR), with four events:

  • Roundtable and workshop on "Infrastructures of research: Towards equitable and responsible North-South collaborations".
  • DocShop: The Arts of Academic Publishing
  • Master's Workshop: A Thesis Boost
  • Master's Award 2021 Ceremony

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UniPID Webinar 2021: How to foster responsible and fair global academic partnerships: concepts, good practices, and tools for building collaboration

UniPID Webinar was held on 16 December, 2021. The event aimed to provide participants with a framework for understanding what building more equitable global partnerships can look like in an academic context, as well as practical tools for undertaking this within their own partnerships to create more responsible and sustainable academic collaboration. Read more about the event here.

CILAC 2021 Side-event: From research-based knowledge to sustainable societies - How to best advance researchers’ cooperation with decision makers, private sector and civil society?

UniPID and the Team Finland Knowledge network for Latin America co-organized a webinar titled "From research-based knowledge to sustainable societies - How to best advance researchers’ cooperation with decision makers, private sector and civil society?" on 27 April, 2021. The panel discussion was a side-event of the CILAC 2021 Conference and a part of the programme of Finland's Year of Research-based Knowledge.