UniPID DocNet - the Finnish development research doctoral network

UniPID DocNet – the Finnish development research doctoral network

In 2016 UniPID launched UniPID DocNet, a nationwide initiative to support development research doctoral training. This Finnish development research doctoral network supports the interdisciplinary training and networking of doctoral students in development research. UniPID DocNet is a membership-based network for selected doctoral students and supervisors from UniPID member universities. The membership call is closed until further notice.

DocNet rationale

Following the closure of some national doctoral schools, among them the Finnish Graduate School in Development Studies DEVESTU, UniPID has acknowledged the need to look for new avenues and to create new tools for continued support for development research doctoral students on the national level.

On one hand, UniPID DocNet works as a counterforce to the requirement of competition that is thrust upon universities and doctoral students, who, therefore, may be discouraged from sharing ideas and experiences with one another. UniPID DocNet offers doctoral students opportunities for networking and peer support, to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences as well as the creation of new partnerships.

On the other hand, UniPID DocNet addresses the need born out of the trend of centralization of development knowledge to a few national centers. UniPID DocNet offers doctoral students development-specific training to complement the studies offered by their home universities. This support is particularly needed by doctoral students from universities and departments where development research is a minor field and development-specific training is lacking. This is to encourage and maintain the interdisciplinary variety of development related doctoral studies across Finnish universities.

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For more information, contact UniPID Coordinator Johanna Kivimäki.

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