Finnish University Partnership for International Development - UniPID

Finnish University Partnership for International Development (UniPID)

UniPID is a network of Finnish universities that seeks to advance universities' global responsibility and to strengthen their response to global challenges. UniPID offers a variety of support services for interdisciplinary studies and research on international sustainable development. UniPID also facilitates universities’ societal impact and partnerships related to global challenges and development issues.

Stronger partnerships for sustainable global development

UniPID provides strategic coordination to facilitate cooperation between Finnish universities in the field of global development. UniPID encourages the exchange of knowledge and institutional partnerships between Finnish universities and universities in the Global South. Through international partnerships, UniPID links Finnish universities to European and global policy debates and academic networks.

Building university capacities for global impact

UniPID supports Finnish universities in the promotion and implementation of sustainable development in higher education and research. The network builds university capacities through the sharing of scientific knowledge and expertise, pooling of resources, cooperation on common interests, facilitating societal and policy impact, gathering and disseminating information, and supporting long-term exchange and cooperation.

UniPID’s core funding comes from the member university fees. The Network has also external funding from national and EU projects from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and Horizon 2020.

UniPID Network

Headline photo credit: Ken Lund, 2015, on Flickr.