Virtual Studies Guidelines

What are UniPID Virtual Studies?

UniPID Virtual Studies are free of charge online courses for degree and exchange students studying at UniPID member universities. All courses are held in English and are worth 5 ECTS. Each course is offered at least three times.

By taking part in the Virtual Studies, you

  • learn about important themes in global development and development cooperation
  • gain academic competences in key concepts of development studies
  • improve professional capacities to work in an international environment
  • develop a global perspective on the world
  • benefit from the expertise found in UniPID member universities
  • study flexibly online and plan your own study schedule
  • interact with students from different universities and backgrounds.


UniPID Virtual Studies are available for all degree and exchange students enrolled at UniPID member universities, including international students. University staff members and students from other institutions may register for courses, but UniPID member university students have priority and admission for other students cannot be guaranteed.

It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that UniPID courses can be included in their degree before registering on a course. Courses are targeted primarily for Master's level students, but Bachelor's and Doctoral level students are welcome as long as the courses are included in their individual study plan (HOPS) which has been approved by faculty.

The Sustainability in Development study module is for students enrolled at member universities only.

Credit transfer

Course credits are registered at the university providing the course, and it is the student's own responsibility to transfer these credits to their home university in order to have them on their transcript. If you require assistance, contact the course teacher or the Virtual Studies contact person in the university organizing the course for help with obtaining a transcript after you have completed a course.

Example: Jane is studying Introduction to Development Economics at University of Helsinki through UniPID. She is an exchange student at University of Jyväskylä. She completes the course and gets good feedback from her professor, alongside with an e-mail that contains instructions for credit transfer. She follows these instructions, receiving a University of Helsinki transcript with her Introduction to Development Economics grade on it. She takes this document to the academic secretary (amanuensis) of her home department, who transfers the credits and the grade to her JyU transcript.

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