What is UniPID?

UniPID is a network of Finnish universities that supports interdisciplinary studies and research, as well as societal impact and partnerships of universities related to global sustainable development.

Detangling Development


Welcome to sneak peek into Detangling Development, a 7-part podcast series where we dive deep into the tangled constellation of development issues

Right Now

January 12, 2022 — "Going beyond virtual studies: a rewarding internship experience"

In September 2021 we introduced you to Alexandra Biris, most recent trainee at UniPID. 4 months later, Biris answered a few questions to sum up her experiences at our Network. This is what she told us!

January 3, 2022 — Open tender request: Training on good practices for responsible global academic partnerships!

UniPID is searching for experts to provide training on responsible global academic partnerships.

What does UniPID do?

For Students

Interested in studying sustainable development? UniPID offers virtual courses and a Study Module in Sustainable Development.

Already studying development? UniPID awards a yearly Master’s Award in Development Studies and supports the training and networking of Finnish doctoral students.

For Researchers

Researching issues relevant to development? UniPID organizes scientific events and informs about research calls and funding opportunities. 

Interested in research policy? UniPID impacts research agendas and funding priorities and supports Finnish participation in research consortia and policy dialogues.

For Society

Interested in the societal impact of universities? UniPID supports universities’ efforts to foster their response to global challenges.

Looking for expertise? UniPID facilitates Finnish researchers’ input in national and international development policy, and connects Finnish universities with other relevant stakeholders.