Virtual Studies Course Catalogue

Registration opens 9.8.2021

15.9.2021 – 24.11.2021

Concepts of Sustainability

The course contents comprise concepts, definitions and dimensions of sustainable development, indicators for sustainability, cases from different parts of the world.
Registration opens 16.8.2021
The course introduces literature on critical development studies and civic activism to familiarise and understand the colonial legacy of development studies, decolonial thinking, and current debates on knowledge and practices in the field.
Registration opens 30.8.2021
The course gives an overview of the field of environmental studies; particularly how to reach sustainable development goals and global challenges, covering the central themes of Water and Sanitation (SDG 6), Food (SDG 2) and Energy (SDG7). These areas (SDG goals) are highly intertwined with each...
Registration opens 30.8.2021

26.10.2021 – 13.12.2021

Contemporary Environmental Conflicts

The course examines contemporary environmental conflicts in the Global South. It familiarizes students with struggles over the environment by examining them in people’s every day lives within specific socio-environmental contexts, and on global arenas of political institutions.
Registration opens 30.8.2021
The course will introduce the main organizational principles of climate change education and education for sustainable development, as curricula should be developed and fitted to cultural contexts.
Registration opens 1.12.2021

17.1.2022 – 18.3.2022

Introduction to Development Economics

The course aims to provide an outline of the main issues underpinning development economics today, by outlining simple theory and providing extensive applied evidence from developing countries.
Registration opens 17.1.2022
The course will familiarise students with cross-cutting approaches in the Global South, and understand how social protection and health are interrelated. Social protection is a key policy goal of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Registration opens 17.1.2022

14.3.2022 – 15.5.2022

Migration, Development and Human Rights

The course aims to provide the participants with the necessary tools to understand and to discuss the interface between migration, development and human rights at the global level.
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The course investigates the degradation of tropical ecosystems and options for their restoration, including related governance and international mechanisms as well as the limits of restoration.