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The course introduces literature on critical development studies and civic activism to familiarise and understand the colonial legacy of development studies, decolonial thinking, and current debates on knowledge and practices in the field.
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7.9.2022 – 16.11.2022

Social Movements in the Global South

The course has its main focus on the Global South, given that it will examine different kinds of social movements in the Global South. Through case studies, diverse problematics related to social justice and environmentally and socially sustainable development in the Global South will be explored...
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14.9.2022 – 23.11.2022

Concepts of Sustainability

The course contents comprise concepts, definitions and dimensions of sustainable development, indicators for sustainability, cases from different parts of the world.
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This course provides a framework for thinking about climate change and its consequences for international trade, addressing how we can better reconcile the competing objectives of international trade, measures on adaptation and mitigation of climate change, and poverty alleviation.
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16.1.2023 – 7.5.2023

Global Education Development

This course gives an overview of: 1) Education development globally: education as one of the sustainable development goals (SDG4), education policies, trends, challenges and international cooperation, 2) Research in education development, education in sustainability and development education, and...
Registration opens 31.10.2022
The course will introduce the main organizational principles of climate change education and education for sustainable development, as curricula should be developed and fitted to cultural contexts.
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18.1.2023 – 22.2.2023

Global Extractivisms and Alternatives

The main framing component of the course is the analysis of extractivism(s) and the implications for prospects and development of actionable and sustainable alternatives. The course will examine the different social and global contexts in which extractivisms are rooted and deployed. Students will...
Registration opens 1.1.2023
The course will familiarise students with cross-cutting approaches in the Global South, and understand how social protection and health are interrelated. Social protection is a key policy goal of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Registration opens 1.1.2023
The course covers the underestimated topic of good governance, the rule of law and religious freedom as approaches to sustainable development in the Global South. The objective is to understand the links between the mentioned approaches to sustainable development in chosen societies in the Global...
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After the course students will be familiar with globalization and corporate (social) responsibility, as well as the Millennium and the Sustainable Development Goals (MDGs and SDGs) of UN. Students will understand their contents and the kind of possibilities and challenges they set for companies.
Registration opens 1.2.2023
Please note that the course dates will be confirmed in due time! This course examines the relationship among gender, conflict and development and introduces theories related to them. Thoughts, approaches, and practices related to conflict transformation are also issues the course addresses.
Registration opens 9.1.2023
The course investigates the degradation of tropical ecosystems and options for their restoration, including related governance and international mechanisms as well as the limits of restoration.