List of STI actors

The purpose of this network mapping carried out by the FinCEAL team is to offer researchers in Finnish institutions a concise listing of networks that may be useful when searching for information, funding or new partners for Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) projects with institutions from Europe, Africa, Asia and/or the Latin America and the Caribbean region.

Please note that this is the 1st edition of the mapping last updated in 2016. We encourage users to send us information on other relevant networks that could be added to the mapping. The mapping consists of the following tabs:

  • Partner networks (university networks, thematic networks, key research institutes and some research funding agencies);
  • Development agencies and STI ministries;
  • Intergovernmental organizations and regional blocs;
  • Development banks and International Financial Institutions;
  • UN Programmes, Commissions and Specialized Agencies;
  • Custom Search

We recommend using the Custom Search for easier access to information that is relevant for your purposes.

Download the FinCEAL+ Network Mapping here (Excel sheet, 113 KB)