June 7, 2023 — Story behind the research: Meet Miyuru Gunathilake!

Miyuru is currently conducting his doctoral research at the University of Oulu while working in collaboration with the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research. For him, societal impact is the key as part of his doctoral studies, but also the collaborative initiatives between research...

May 11, 2023 — Story behind the research: meet Jutta Martens!

Jutta recently joined our DocNet and is eager to share part of her exciting journey as well as her previous experience. Jutta aims to foster a more active dialogue between research and policymaking as part of her dissertation.

April 5, 2023 — Story behind the research: Meet Bamgboye Taiwo!

Bamgboye, our new DocNet member shares his inspiring thoughts and background that have led him to conduct research in water energy and food nexus toward climate change resilience in Nigeria. For him, the support received from the academic community has made this journey a wonderful experience.

February 20, 2023 — Story behind the research: Meet Emilio Del Pupo!

The new DocNet member, Emilio tells us about his experience in conducting research in Latin America and in analyzing participatory structures in governmental organizations. Emilio also shares his insights regarding the role that academia should play in societal impact and what inspires him the most.

February 16, 2023 — DocShop 2023. How to write a strong research proposal?

In connection with the annual Development Days Conference, the DocShop 2023: “How to write a good research proposal” took place in a reflective and multi-disciplinary atmosphere. In case you could not participate, no worries, here you have the 5 takeaway aspects you should consider when...

April 8, 2022 — Story behind the research: Meet Juliana Rodrigues!

Inquisitive about social innovations that adopt frugal mindset, valuing simplicity in life, and passionate about being in nature are just a few sides to Juliana Rodrigues's inspiring story. Find out what our DocNet member said about her background, interests, and sources of inspiration!

March 29, 2022 — Story behind the research: Meet Bayan Bilal Arouri!

In this edition of story behind the research, we introduce you to Bayan Bilal Arouri! From role playing as a scientist when she was younger, to actually doing research on decolonizing the understanding of gender among refugee communities in Lebanon and Jordan!

March 2, 2022 — DocShop 2022 reflected on the features of academic publishing

"DocShop 2022: the Arts of Academic Publishing" was organized by UniPID, The Finnish Society for Development Research (FSDR) the Doctoral Programme in Political Societal and Regional Change (PSRC) at University of Helsinki. The workshop was organized in connection with the annual...

February 16, 2022 — Story behind the research: Meet Carolina Buendia!

This year we give the spotlight to DocNet members. Like UniPID, Buendia is also curious to understand the impact of partnerships. Have a read and take a look at what she told us!