UniPID News

August 11, 2022 — Entangled global inequalities and responsibilities

In this month’s Anniversary blog, Seppälä discusses the concept of global responsibility and its entanglement with global inequalities, highlighting the role of academia in cultivating new visions and practices of solidarity.

July 18, 2022 — UniPID - A new era?

In this month's Anniversary blog, Markus Laitinen, Head of Development of the University of Helsinki, looks back at what UniPID was and how the Network has transformed to what it is now, having one question in mind: What might lie ahead for UniPID, will it be able to keep the momentum and...

June 14, 2022 — Story behind the research: Meet Pham Nguyen Anh Thu!

We took up on Thu's wise words: "News and updates come from people, so the more connected you are, the more updates you get", and hope to share a connection while telling her story, sources of inspiration, research interests, and lifestyle.

June 6, 2022 — UniPID - your friendly neighbourhood voice at the bridge

In this month's Anniversary blog, Avento brings to our attention universities' third role on contributing to society, and invites us to examine our actions critically to ensure that partnerships are responsible, equitable, and inclusive!

June 1, 2022 — Teachers' workshop: Reflections and opportunities for the upcoming academic year

Last week UniPID had the chance to meet some of the teachers behind UniPID courses, listen to their experiences, and discuss opportunities to further develop the Virtual Studies Programme.

May 24, 2022 — "Different actions nurture each other"

We teamed up with GINTL Africa, this time to organize a stakeholder workshop deemed to identify the key ingredients for sustainable North South partnerships

May 10, 2022 — Designing a MOOC on the Essentials in Development Studies

We are now in route to offer an Essentials in Development MOOC course!

April 27, 2022 — Thank you, UniPID!

Melissa Plath says goodbye to UniPID, but does not say goodbye to strengthening academic partnerships in higher education. Have a read on her famous last words!

April 25, 2022 — Attaining a more sustainable future with the help of virtual courses

Challenge my ways of thinking, interesting contrast, complementary, and flexibility are just a few words Sara Erkinharju used to describe her experience completing the UniPID Sustainability in Development Module.