UniPID News

November 1, 2023 — Towards Structural Changes for Building Responsible Academic Partnerships

EADI and the Finnish University Partnership for International Development (UniPID) are involved in an ongoing dialogue and reflection process on the structural changes that are needed to enable a shift towards more responsible and equitable academic partnerships between the Global North and Global...

October 25, 2023 — From words to action: Ethical guidelines for responsible academic partnerships with the Global South published!

UniPID, in collaboration with TENK and an international steering group, has published the Ethical Guidelines for Responsible Academic Partnerships with the Global South.

August 3, 2023 — Fostering innovative education through responsible South-North partnerships

Anaïs holds a master’s degree in Education and Globalization from the University of Oulu. In this blog, she tells us how she got inspired by working in collaboration with UniPID, GINTL, and African academics in a project aimed to promote dialogue, discussions, co-learning and co-sharing of...

June 15, 2023 — Face behind the course: Meet Silvia Gaiani!

Silvia is the face behind the “Food Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Innovation practices in Africa” course, which will be offered for the first time on next autumn. As Silvia gets ready to lead this interesting discussion, she is looking forward to letting the magic happen through...

June 13, 2023 — Teachers’ workshop: the use of Artificial Intelligence in virtual education

A few days ago, the UniPID Coordination Unit hosted a fascinating workshop, where the teaching experience during this academic year was discussed, as well as how to continue strengthening our Virtual Studies Programme in collaboration with the Global South. Our guest Sasa Tkalcan also offered an...

June 9, 2023 — Finland contributes to Global Sustainable Development

As the new government plan is being discussed in Finland, UniPID wants to emphasize how Finland contributes to global sustainable development through the four key messages

May 3, 2023 — Call for Action: Contribute to the development of UniPID’s Discussion Paper “In the search of good practices for hosting scholars"

Internationalisation in Finnish Higher Education Institutions –HEIs has been promoted as a core idea to invite international scholars to Finland. Nevertheless, some previous experiences have led us to question what kind of practices should define a respectful hosting experience? Join us in this...

March 28, 2023 — UniPID welcomes a new director!

Kaisa Kurki has been appointed as the new director of UniPID starting from March 2023. With vast experience in academic and international affairs in the higher education sector, Kurki is ready to lead and foster global academic partnerships from the UniPID Coordination Unit.

March 24, 2023 — Join UniPID at the Kevät päivät (Spring Forum) in May 2023

Join UniPID at the Kevät Päivät and contribute to the discussion on pathways to materialize new Vision for strengthening the international dimension of Finnish higher education institutions!