Are you interested in learning more about sustainable development and global challenges? Are you eager to interact with students from other universities, both from Finland and abroad? Are you seeking flexible modules to add to your degree? Try the UniPID Virtual Studies!

In addition to offering courses, UniPID awards a yearly Master's Award in Development Studies in collaboration with the Finnish Society for Development Research (FSDR), and offers support to doctoral candidates studying development topics.

Virtual Studies

UniPID aims to offer equal opportunities for students to learn about global development and sustainability, with a specific focus on Global South perspectives. Students can take either individual courses or compile a study module, Sustainability in Development, of at least 5 courses. All courses are held in English and are worth 5 ECTS. Each course is offered at least three times.

UniPID is actively aiming to improve and develop the quality management of the Virtual Studies programme. Read the UniPID Student Feedback Evaluation Report 2016-2020 here and the UniPID Virtual Studies Evaluation Report 2017 here.

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Master's Award in Development Studies

UniPID and the Finnish Society for Development Research (FSDR) hand out an annual prize to accomplished theses related to field of global development studies. The aim of the award is to promote interdisciplinary development research conducted in UniPID member universities. Read more about the Master's Award in Development Studies here.

For Doctoral Researchers

In 2016, UniPID launched UniPID DocNet, a nationwide initiative to support development research doctoral training. UniPID DocNet offers doctoral researchers opportunities for networking and peer support, to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences as well as the creation of new partnerships. Read more and join UniPID DocNet here.

Questions about UniPID Virtual Studies, Master's Award or UniPID DocNet? Contact the UniPID Education Support Specialist.

Photo credits: Augustin Gunawan, 2020, on Unsplash.