FinCEAL Plus BRIDGES Grants 2019-2021

FinCEAL Plus BRIDGES (2019-2021) will offer small scale grants for researchers in Finnish institutions, to support partnership building with colleagues from Africa, Asia, and the LAC region. Activities supported by the BRIDGES grants will need to be directly related to building research partnerships with colleagues from Africa, Asia, or LAC, and be relevant for one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Due to a significant reduction in the funding granted for FinCEAL BRIDGES (2019-2021), Project Preparatory Grants will unfortunately not be made available during this project period. FinCEAL Plus BRIDGES continues to support consortium formation and proposal preparation through the other grant modalities. Please note all our grants need to be applied for by a representative of a Finnish research institution (university or research institute), we do not accept applications sent from other countries.

Please note: At the moment there is no FinCEAL Plus BRIDGES Rolling Call open, but once the global situation allows, we are planning to re-open it. When the Call is re-opened, it will be announced on the FinCEAL Newsletter, LinkedIn group, and on UniPID's website, mailing list, and social media channels.

While the Rolling Call is closed, some Targeted Travel Grants may be made available. Open Targeted Travel Grant Calls will also be announced on the channels listed above.

The following grant modalities were available through most of 2019, but are currently unavailable with the exception of the Targeted Travel Grants:

  1. Travel grants for researchers

The aim of the Travel Grants is to facilitate the participation of Finland-based researchers in regionally significant events such as Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) meetings, policy dialogue events, or scientific conferences, workshops or networking events related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Ultimately, the aim is to increase Finnish involvement in bi-regional research cooperation and science policy formulation within the EU-Africa, EU-Asia and EU-LAC frameworks. A portion of the funding is reserved for PhD students. Eligible costs include travel, accommodation, per diem, and possible visa costs and registration fees for events. Generally, applicants are expected to have partial self-financing for covering the travel costs.

The BRIDGES project will issue 3 types of travel grants :

  • Open Travel Grants - Researchers (have already acquired a PhD) can apply these to attend events of their choice, based on the specific call guidelines;
  • Open PhD Travel Grants - PhD Students from Finnish institutions can apply to attend events of their choice, based on specific call guidelines. PhD students who are at middle or late-stage of their PhD studies will be given priority.
  • Targeted Travel Grants - The events are pre-determined by the project, and are usually policy-related. The project coordinators periodically open targeted calls that are sent by email to relevant research teams and/or published in FinCEAL Plus communications channels. If interested in the targeted calls, please register to the Infobank and follow the FinCEAL Plus Newsletter.
  1. Event grants

The purpose of the Event Grants is to support the organization of workshops, seminars, conferences or other types of events relevant to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Science, Technology and/or Innovation (STI) and events related to the Finnish International Strategy for Higher Education and Research 2017-2025. The events should be open for participation from other Finnish institutions and international participants, and events that include also European participation are prioritized. The grants are available to research groups/teams based in Finnish research institutions, which are actively engaged in cooperation or seeking to build new cooperation with research partners from these regions. The event can be organized in Finland or abroad.

  1. Research Visit Grants from the regions to Finland

This funding modality is aimed for Finnish research institutions to invite research partners from Africa, Asia or the LAC region for short-term visits to Finland, and thus promotes science, technology and/or innovation cooperation between Finland and the target regions. The Grant is to be applied for by the hosting Finnish institution.The invited expert should be either a senior researcher (already has a PhD) or a senior staff member. The aim is to support visits that could accomplish a number of aims, but in particular, that of building new funding proposals. The grants can be used to cover travel, accommodation and daily allowances of the visiting researcher, but the salary should be covered either by the home or host institution.

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FinCEAL Plus Grants 2013-2018 in a nutshell

FinCEAL grants awarded in 2013-2018 by grant modality
FinCEAL grants awarded in 2013-2018 by grant modality