To achieve the set goals, UniPID DocNet organizes following kinds of activities:

  • UniPID DocShop: a workshop for doctoral researchers and supervisors to discuss and elaborate on timely issues related to quality of training, or on current theoretic-methodological issues;
  • UniPID DocNet Seminar: a get-together for DocNet doctoral candidates and supervisors from across the institutions and disciplines to facilitate networking, peer support, the exchange of knowledge and experiences, and extra guidance for the dissertations;
  • Peer support and networking
  • Pooling the training and the support offered to development research doctoral training: UniPID member universities are encouraged to open the access to their already existing doctoral training, seminars, and other relevant events to all UniPID member universities;
  • UniPID will offer travel grants for the doctoral researchers’ participation in the relevant events organized by UniPID DocNet or by UniPID member universities.

UniPID DocNet is willing to find new ways to support development research doctoral training. DocNet activities for the future aree currently being planned and UniPID is open for planning and brainstorming possible DocNet activities and cooperation together with its members. Feel free to contact the UniPID DocNet Coordinator and share your ideas for future activities.

Photo credit: Daniel Roe, 2015, on Unsplash