Call for UniPID DocNet Doctoral Researcher Membership Applications is open! Request your membership at Infobank.

UniPID DocNet membership benefits

The benefits for the UniPID DocNet doctoral researcher members are the following:

  • Access to development specific training to complement the training received at their home universities;
  • Doctoral researchers’ peer support and networking;
  • Receiving information about the already existing support for doctoral researchers;
  • Receiving extra guidance for their dissertations;
  • Priority in the selection of the grantees for UniPID DocNet travel grants and possible other funding;
  • Receiving support for strengthening the knowledge and skills to publish in development research journals;
  • Increasing the understanding of the challenges and benefits involved in interdisciplinarity;
  • Increased contacts and networking with supervisors across the different UniPID member universities;
  • Increased contacts with international academic visitors and experts; and
  • As a selected position, the doctoral researchers can refer to UniPID DocNet membership in any funding or other applications.

The UniPID DocNet membership is valid until the PhD is finished. However, should the length of the membership exceed four years, it will be subject to revision. The membership is free of charge.

Requirements for the UniPID DocNet membership applicants

The applicants for UniPID DocNet must be active doctoral researchers in a UniPID member university. The applicants must be working on a dissertation in development research, or related to global development, with connection to the Global South.The most important criteria is that the doctoral researcher finds the network useful to themselves.

The confirmation of members are made by a selection committee, which is formed by the UniPID doctoral training working group, completed by other academics to ensure disciplinary coverage. The supervisors of the selected researchers are also invited to become members of the network. In addition, other interested supervisors may be invited.


The UniPID DocNet membership call is open. Request membership by creating a profile or updating your profile at Infobank. Accepted DocNet Members can be found here.

For inquiries, please contact UniPID DocNet Coordinator.

Photo credit: Javier Allegue Barros, 2017, on Unsplash