Virtual Studies development

Strategic priority: Virtual Studies development

UniPID will continue to offer high-quality virtual courses to member university students to ensure that all graduates have access to basic knowledge on challenges and possible solutions to sustainable development pathways in the Global South. UniPID will gradually increase the co-creation of joint courses with the partners from the Global South, and offer its courses to a wider audience: to university students in the Global South and others wishing to continue their education.

  • UniPID will enhance creation and implementation of joint courses, encouraging new forms of collaboration between UniPID’s member universities and their partners in the Global South.
  • UniPID will enhance and encourage shared learning by opening enrollment to UniPID virtual courses to students of both UniPID member universities and their partner universities in the Global South.
  • UniPID will enhance knowledge and understanding of issues related to sustainable development beyond the network via MOOCs or new forms of collaboration.
  • UniPID will improve the quality management of the Virtual Studies programme, focusing particularly on pedagogical development and increasing the course completion rate.