Strategic priority: Policy dialogue

UniPID is seen as a respected stakeholder in policy dialogue. UniPID will actively engage with the science, higher education, development, and sustainability policy areas to contribute to evidence-informed decision-making in Finland, as well as the European Union and globally, when possible. UniPID will engage in and facilitate collaboration with policy actors though identifying expertise to respond to ministries’ knowledge needs, collecting and providing input into policy processes, and creating opportunities for dialogue. UniPID's objectives in the different policy areas are:

  • Science policy: UniPID will work to secure increased funding for development research and research done with partners in the Global South, influence priorities in research funding, and include Global South perspectives in strategic research activities.
  • Higher education policy: UniPID will promote the integration of global responsibility, sustainable development pathways, and Global South perspectives in higher education policies, including in the university funding model and the allocation of strategic funding for tasks related to sustainable development. UniPID will support the inclusion of sustainability as part of the teaching agenda.
  • Development policy: UniPID promotes its values and provides more visibility for higher education and science, and Global South perspectives as part of the Finnish development policy. UniPID influences the aims and activities of Finnish development cooperation, including HEI-ICI.
  • Sustainability policy: UniPID highlights the role of universities and the Global South in implementing the 2030 Agenda. UniPID encourages universities to contribute to sustainable development pathways through their work.