Member university engagement

Strategic priority: Member university engagement

UniPID will engage with member universities to increase their ownership of UniPID objectives and actions to enhance the integration of global responsibility into universities’ strategic actions. Ownership will be strengthened through enhanced dialogue with the university community, especially the leadership, and by ensuring the relevance of UniPID’s actions for the member universities.

  • UniPID will consult broadly within member universities to understand the diverse needs of the staff, faculty, and students.
  • UniPID offers concrete support to integrate and expand the sustainable development perspectives in education, research, and societal impact work of universities. UniPID also commits to facilitate the university community’s collaboration with the partners from the Global South.
  • A special emphasis will be placed on working with other university initiatives and networks on sustainable development, so that UniPID’s work can be aligned with theirs. UniPID’s focus will be on creating an understanding that the Global South is a key partner in globally responsible sustainable development.