UniPID launches the pilot of the MOOC course “Essentials in Development Studies”.

November 21, 2023

UniPID is thrilled to announce the initiation of the pilot stage for the MOOC "Essentials in Development Studies"! While the students work in the pilot, you can take a look at the MOOC content, get to know the faces behind the course and pre-register for it.

The MOOC in a nutshell

“Essentials in Development Studies” is a collaborative initiative developed by our member universities to provide students with fundamentals to the multidisciplinary discipline of development studies and motivate them to further their knowledge in the field. The course aims to inspire not only students enrolled in our UniPID member universities, but also welcomes participants from diverse backgrounds, including those working in development policy or cooperation.

The course is included both in the UniPID Virtual Studies Programme and in the University of Helsinki’s syllabus. Delivered in English on the DigiCampus platform, you will have the flexibility to opt for either a 5-ECTS or a 3-ECTS course.

What to find in the MOOC?

The MOOC content has been organized into 5 different modules, covering the following topics: 1. What is Development? 2. Major Theories of Development. 3. Actors, Institutions, and Policies of Development. 4. Current topics in Development Studies, and 5. Reflections on Development and Alternatives.

Provided with engaging activities, the course encourages you to delve into the layers of development studies, exploring current debates, actors, alternatives, etc. Each module features a diverse range of open-access materials, including readings, podcasts, cartoons, and multimedia content, to be consulted regardless of your institutional affiliation, location, or background. Additionally, each module contains pre-recorded sessions made by development studies experts, including Tiina Kontinen, Gutu Wayessa, Harlan Koff, Sheela Patel, Marjaana Jauhola, Violeta Gutiérrez, Tuija Veintie, Henning Melber, and Ossi Olinaho.

Are you eager to participate? Let us know and we will contact you once the course opens!

With the firm understanding that there is always room for improvement, UniPID eagerly awaits feedback from the pilot students, which will be instrumental in refining and enhancing our course. Afterwards, the MOOC course will be open to all interested people in Spring 2024.

We've got exciting news! You can already pre-register to take the course here: https://www.unipid.fi/vs-forms/essentials-in-development-studies-mooc/. We will keep you informed about the course’s availability, dates, schedule, etc.

The Coordinating team invites you to get involved with the “Essentials in Development Studies”

Get to know the coordinating team behind the MOOC development, and their inspiring thoughts about the course.

Meeri Tiensuu.

“As a young and naïve student, I visioned that learning from development studies would be a fruitful way to work on a better world and to spark critical thinking towards the views we have learnt to live with. While this somewhat utopian thought has remained in the back of my head over the years, it has become concrete while developing the MOOC course Essentials in Development Studies.”

Gutu Olana Wayessa.

"I am privileged to have the opportunity to contribute to developing the MOOC course Essentials in Development Studies. The range of themes and perspectives the course covers are befitting its name and truly inspiring to me."

Ratih Adiputri

"I learned so much from the UNIPID personnel, people that I’ve met when working in this course also from the reading references. I learn the importance of connecting the “heavy” and technical language of commitment/regulation/Agenda to the everyday and daily lives public activities so our (development) works are more meaningful."  

Ana Tarazona.

“Contributing to the MOOC development has broadened my critical thinking around current debates on sustainable development. Getting involved with its contents has greatly contributed to my personal and professional growth.”

You can get to know more about the coordinating team and the course's teachers here.


Photo credits: Brett Jordan, 2020 on UnSplash.