The UniPID Annual Report 2019 Is Out Now

March 9, 2020

2019 brought about a new UniPID Strategy for 2020-2025, additions and changes in the Coordination Unit staff, such as the new UniPID lecturer position to further develop the Virtual Studies, continued research support in the form of grants, events, and more, as well as a new form of societal advocacy - commissioned studies for the MFA. Read more in our Annual Report!

The UniPID Annual Report 2019 is now available on our website! We have published reports on our activities since 2014.

One of the main achievements of 2019 was creating the new UniPID Strategy for 2020-2025. The Board and Coordination Unit worked hard to determine the mission and vision of the network and prioritize activities for the coming years.

UniPID continued to develop the Virtual Studies further, which was one of the main tasks of the new UniPID lecturer. The UniPID courses were again popular among students, and the 12 courses resulted in more than 330 course completions in total. The Master's Award in Development Studies 2019 was awarded to Martta Kaskinen from the University of Helsinki.

UniPID's research support activities included grants for seminars on global development, the UniPID DocNet activities, and the numerous activities of the projects FinCEAL Plus BRIDGES, PRE-LEAP-RE, LEAP4FNSSA, and LEAP-Agri.

Additionally, UniPID organised, co-organised, and participated in a number of events on the development and sustainability fields. UniPID continued to participate in national working groups and collaborate with Finnish Ministries. Internationally, UniPID participated in policy processes through the projects.

The UniPID core activities in 2019 summarized in numbers:

For more information and details, read the full report here.

Cover photo by: Stas Knop in Pexels