Several initiatives are dedicated to the enhancement of Research and Development (R&D) cooperation between the European Union (EU) and China. In particular, these project show significant potential in  increasing the awareness and dissemination in the EU of access opportunities for European researchers and research organisations in Chinese national research and innovation programmes and for organising broad information and dissemination activities and campaigns such as info days, publications and electronic newsletters, and but on the other hand also help those researchers seeking to commercialize their research to find business partners:

  • European Network of Research and Innovation Centers and Hubs, China (ENRICH, CHINA)
    Promoted by the European Commission through Horizon 2020 and the ERICENA project, ENRICH is a global network of centres and hubs that promotes the internationalisation of European science, technology and innovation (STI). The ENRICH service portfolio covers the needs of European STI organisations for the Chinese market such as RDI Consultancy and Coaching, STI RDI Intelligence, Soft Landing and Co-working, Fostering Open Innovation through Training, Cooperation Enabling Events, RDI Briefings and Innovation Support Certification. FinCEAL Plus Asia is an associate partner in the ERICENA project.
  • Bilateral support for the international linkage with China (Dragon Star Plus)
    Dragon Star Plus aims to support and increase EU's science and technology profile in China by a series of promotional activities to disseminate the EU research policies and actions among Chinese scientists and research institutions. A strategic partnership between EU countries and China is promoted through collaboration schemes and identification of new activities. The project identifies and demonstrates mutual interest and benefit in the cooperation between the EU and China sharing best practices via workshops and presenting the "cutting edge" in science and technology and the prospects for cooperation in various fields.

Research and innovation cooperation between EU and China has wide variety of thematic areas. Through policy dialogue under the EU-China S&T Agreement several key initiatives have been agreed under FP7 and under Horizon 2020.

Some examples include:EU-China-Safe (Food Safety Partnership) and URBAN-EU-China (Environment, Climate and Sustainable Urbanisation) and PIANO (Policies, Innovation and Networks for enhancing Opportunities for China-Europe water cooperation).