UniPID Coordination Unit Contacts

UniPID - Finnish University Partnership for International Development
Coordination Unit

PL 27 (Latokartanonkaari 7, Room 538)
00014 Helsingin Yliopisto

Meeri Tiensuu
Specialist, Education Support
Coordinating UniPID board activities and member university engagement;
Virtual Studies programme coordination, guidance, and development;
Doctoral training support and development

Policy dialogue: Education sector development cooperation
Tel.: +358 50 470 2209

Antti Autio
Specialist, Stakeholder Engagement
Stakeholder engagement, cooperation, and communications;
Development, management, and implementation of the UniPID project portfolio;
Policy dialogue: science, technology, and innovation; higher education; EU-Africa science cooperation

Tel.: +358 504784720

Kelly Brito
Project Planner
Coordination of communications;
Cooperation between researchers and development policymakers;
Ethical guidelines for Global South related research and partnerships

Policy dialogue: development policy
Tel.: +358 50 465 6081

Header image: Steve Johnson, 2018 on Unsplash