UniPID's Timeline 2002 - 2021

January 21, 2022

The Network's history in a nutshell!

2022 marks 20 years since UniPID was established and this is a cause for celebration! It is also an opportunity to look back and reflect on the key moments in history that have shaped what the Network is and where we’re headed. To do so, we took the challenge of digging into the archives, which consisted of a disparate set of separate records left by the founding members of UniPID as well as by some eight UniPID coordinators managing the Network. The end result: a timeline that guides you through the establishment, expansion, and alignment of UniPID, until where we are today.

For those who were there and know better: we take the opportunity to apologize already in advance for any misinterpretations of the data.

UniPID's Timeline 2002 - 2021 (PDF).

Background image credits: Joshua Dixon, 2020 on Unsplash