Open tender request: Training on good practices for responsible global academic partnerships!

January 3, 2022

UniPID is searching for experts to provide training on responsible global academic partnerships.

Training on "Good practices for responsible global academic partnerships"

Aim and Focus of the Training

UniPID is collaborating with the Finnish higher education institutions' (HEIs) global pilot networks to develop joint training on good practices for responsible global academic partnerhisps.

The introductory training aims to strengthen Finnish HEI actors’ knowledge and understanding of the ethical issues that may arise when building partnerships with the Global South, to help prevent risks and develop more reciprocal and responsible research, education and innovation partnerships. The training should also seek to contribute to the wider aim of decolonizing Finland’s academic partnerships with the Global South and increase the understanding of the global and local historic, cultural, political, and economic contexts for collaboration.

The training can address, but is not limited to the following topics:

  • Power dynamics, equality, and reciprocity in partnerships;
    • Decolonial approach to global academic collaboration;
    • Role of partnership contracts and administration in framing and enabling equal strategic partnerships;
    • Division of work and benefit-sharing: roles in partnerships, authorship issues, capacities, and means for using the results;​
    • Ownership and management of data: IPR, EU regulations and GDPR, materials of historic value, natural resources;
    • Responsible and inclusive research communication, information sharing, events;
  • Application of normative frameworks in the context of global south collaboration (e.g. human rights-based approach, gender equality, sustainability, inclusiveness;​ ethical guidelines and procedures for research in Finland and in partner countries);
  • Responsible field work, people, and vulnerabilities​;
    • Encountering local people, respect, non-discrimination, anti-racisim; ​
    • Safety and security of staff/informants, vulnerable groups, sensitive topics.​

The training should be multidisciplinary, targeting audiences from different fields. Hence, it should offer relevant content for all, highlighting and touching upon wider joint concerns, engaging the participants in looking for more detailed information, and further training related to responsible partnerships specific to their field.

Deadline: 3rd of February 2022.

For more information please contact Johanna Kivimäki by email: , tel: +358 (0)50 407 3681 after January 10th 2022.

Read the complete ToR and tender instructions: Responsible global partnerships training development here!