BRIDGES Delegation to the 1st European Research and Innovation Days!

June 25, 2019

The FinCEAL Plus BRIDGES project selects a delegation of 4 researchers from 4 Finnish HEIs to attend the inaugural European Research and Innovation Days in Brussels from 24 - 26 September 2019.

On 28th May, the BRIDGES project launched a special Call for Travel Grants to support researchers and experts with experience and interest in EU research and innovation policy to join other stakeholders in debating, and shaping the future research and innovation landscape in Brussels from 24-26 September. The Call was open to researchers based at Institutions of Higher Education in Finland only. The Call was widely disseminated and was published on the UniPID and FinCEAL web pages, the FinCEAL monthly newsletter, Finnish higher education and research institutions' R&D personnel mailing list, in addition to the project's social media pages.

Unlike previous Targeted Travel Grant Calls, this Call targeted researchers at different levels of their careers - not only senior researchers. However, it strongly echoed the regional partnership principle behind the BRIDGES project evidenced by the following applicant eligibility criteria:

  • past and present work with partners from Africa, Asia or Latin America and the Caribbean;
  • an understanding of and interest in influencing EU research and innovation policies, especially those related to international cooperation with 3rd countries; and
  • an understanding of the mission-oriented policy approach.

The Call received 7 applications, out of which 4 fulfilled the minimum requirements of the Call satisfactorily. All 4 applications were approved for funding. Successful applicants were selected according to their performance vis á vis the eligibility criteria. The Call attracted applications from a diverse pool of expertise as well as institutions. Applicants came from varied schools e.g. Wellbeing, Engineering Science, Bio-research, and Business Administration. Further, Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) and the Universities had a 3:4 ratio share of all applications.

Specifically, the 7 applications came from the following HEIs: Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) - 2 applications, Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) - 2 applications, Savonia University of Applied Sciences (SAMK), Tampere University (TAU), and University of Turku.

The BRIDGES project awarded 4 grants to researchers from the following institutions to attend the 1st European Research and Innovation Days.

Institution School
Häme UAS School of Wellbeing
LUT University School of Engineering Science
Savonia UAS School of Business Administration
University of Turku School of Biodiversity

FinCEAL Plus BRIDGES congratulates the successful applicants and their institutions and encourages researchers to continue engaging in the various BRIDGES activities!

Image Credits: Skolkova, courtesy of Flickr!