UniPID Infobank – your key to Finnish experts and projects focusing on Africa, Asia, or Latin America and the Caribbean!

March 24, 2020

Are you familiar with the Infobank and all its features? Have you remembered to create a profile and list your projects? Looking for experts or specific activities? This blog post contains all the answers about the UniPID Infobank!

What is it?
The UniPID Infobank is a multidisciplinary expert and project database containing Finnish researchers’ profiles, as well as information on research and capacity building projects carried out by them on/in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Infobank was launched as a part of the FinCEAL Initiative, funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture and coordinated by UniPID. Its purpose is to act as a platform for showcasing and seeking expertise, thus facilitating collaboration, knowledge exchange, and networking between researchers focused on these three regions and Finnish ministries and embassies – and also potential partners abroad.

The Infobank contains more than 220 expert profiles and 250 projects!

Who is it for?
Researchers and experts from all Finnish higher education and research institutions who work with partners in or projects on/in Africa, Asia, or Latin America and Caribbean are invited to register a profile to the Infobank and list their projects. By doing this you gain visibility and are able to connect with other researchers and experts with similar interests.

Anyone looking for experts, partners, or projects on the three regions will find the Infobank a great tool and information source!

How do I use it?
1. As a researcher or expert based in a Finnish institution, you can

  • Create a new expert profile using the registration form on the Infobank website
  • Add ongoing and previous projects to the database after you have registered

Remember to also keep your existing profile updated!

2. As someone looking for information or potential partners you can

  • Search for experts or organisations
  • Search for projects

You can choose to search by country, keywords, institution, theme, or topic.

Why should I register?
The Infobank is a tool used by researchers in Finland and abroad, Finnish ministries, Finnish embassies, and other actors looking for experts and activities on specific topics. By registering, you increase the visibility of yourself and your project, and also that of Finnish researchers and activities around the field as a whole.

Without registering you are able to look for information on other experts and their work. By registering you ensure that others are able to find and connect with you too.

What happens to the Infobank when FinCEAL ends?
The Infobank was launched as a part of the FinCEAL Initiative in 2013 and previously called the FinCEAL Infobank. As the FinCEAL Initiative is coming to an end, the Infobank has been renamed the UniPID Infobank and it will continue to be maintained by UniPID, the FinCEAL coordinator. Thus the Infobank continues to exist and be updated beyond the FinCEAL Initiative.

How is the data processed?
UniPID, maintaining the Infobank, complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Finnish Data Protection Act. Personal data is stored and processed according to the FInCEAL Plus BRIDGES project’s privacy notice, which you can read here.

Who do I contact if I have feedback or trouble?
Please contact the UniPID team at with any feedback and/or trouble you may have related to the Infobank.