Face behind the course: Meet Khalil Gholami

November 29, 2023

Khalil is the face behind the UniPID course “Migrant Pedagogy in the Era of Global Displacement,” which is offered for the first time. As he prepares to deliver this course, Khalil imparts his thoughts and reflections on education and migrant pedagogy. Be inspired by Khalil and enroll in this course today.

Hello everyone

Khalil Gholami

I'm Khalil Gholami, a docent of educational sciences at the University of Helsinki, Åbo Akademi, and the University of Kurdistan. My professional journey, which encompasses teaching and scientific research, revolves around the philosophy of education, teacher education, multicultural education, curriculum development, and strategic planning in education. Currently, my research projects, “displaced pedagogy “and “caring for others pedagogy,” align with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). My educational philosophy is rooted in the German tradition of “Bildung,” emphasizing education as a platform for students' moral and self-maturation while critiquing the neoliberal approach that views education solely as training for the market.

As a teacher, I embrace a “facilitating teaching approach,” acting as a guide to assist students in their learning activities, respecting their diverse learning cultures and paths.

With the rapid change in technology, I believe that education will “lose the race to technology”, and we need to find a new way of professionalism in which “students’ agentic engagement” is respected more than ever. Teaching in humanities and social sciences, for me, is a significant platform for what German philosopher Jürgen Habermas calls the “public sphere” where we should freely share our different discourses to identify societal problems and their possible solutions.

UniPID, as a strategic network focusing on SDGs, offers a meaningful academic partnership. UniPID's virtual education embodies the “connecting knowledge” paradigm, fostering global collaboration through online courses. I see UniPID as an opportunity to share global concerns, engage in societal discourse, and enhance academic maturity on a global scale. As someone who has experienced immigration to Finland and understands the nuances of living in an “in-between culture,” I'm excited to share insights on migrant pedagogy through UniPID's online course.

The course, “Migrant Pedagogy in the Era of Global Displacement,” reflects on education, addressing a fundamental question: How should educational migrant policies and practices support displaced/immigrant/emigrant students in integrating into host societies and schools without marginalization and discrimination? In 2020, the UN reported 82.4 million forcibly displaced people worldwide, with 35 million (42%) being children under 18. This interdisciplinary course explores global migrant/displaced trends, existing migration policies, and the role of teachers and teacher education in migrant/displaced pedagogy. I assert that displacement is a significant global challenge, and adopting a culturally responsive pedagogy is both a human rights policy and action.

I invite you to join me on this course for a collective reflection on a common challenge of our time. This course serves as a societal forum where your voice and reflections on this issue are valued. Feel free to contact me with any questions about the course structure and content.

Welcome to your new academic journey!

What’s next? The course registration period is open until 31 December, so ensure your place now! Thank you, Khalil, for designing such an outstanding and timely course. You can contact Khalil via email () for more information about the course.