Funding opportunities from the EU and Academy of Finland

August 24, 2012

Now's the time to apply for funding!

Now's the time to Apply!

Funding opportunities for research, research projects, and researchers

The European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) has launched its largest number of calls ever. At the same time, the Academy of Finland has launched its annual September Call. Both calls offer a plethora of opportunities for Finnish researchers working with Africa.

The FP7 Work Programmes 2013 is worth a total of €81 billion, targeting innovation and a range of societal challenges. The 2013 Work Programmes will serve as a bridge from FP7 to the next funding programme for EU research, Horizon 2020, which will run from 2014-2020. For researchers working with Africa, the latest call has numerous topics open for application from consortia with partners from African countries. In the 2013 Work Programmes, all activities are open to international cooperation. This means that consortia can include partners from non-EU countries, even if the call is not specifically targeting that country. Beyond this general opening, there are targeted openings for activities focusing on international cooperation (including, but not restricted to African countries) and on activities specifically targeting African countries.

Activities focusing on international cooperation include (click through to see all the documents, chose 'Call Fiche' or the 'Work Programme' to see the text of the calls):
Activities specifically targeting African Countries:
More information on the opportunities for international cooperation in the 2013 Work Programmes can be found here.

The Academy of Finland'sSeptember Callalso includes opportunities for researchers working with Africa. Included in the call is usual Targeted Academy Project on '2.2.1 Development research, including targeted funding (water and development)'. A joint call with South Africa's National Research Foundation is also included in this years call. The topic,' 2.2.5 Children and youth', focuses on:
  • the wellbeing of children and youth, including health and social relations;
  • education processes, cultures and language;
  • children, youth, cultures and values;
  • youth transitions; and
  • children, you and family.
More information available from the call text.