akshay khanna to visit Finnish universities

November 14, 2017

akshay khanna is a Social Anthropologist, a Lawyer, an activist, a theatre practitioner and a development practitioner who is visiting Finland, invited by UniPID. The purpose of akshay's visit is to participate in the workshop work and panel of the Gender Studies Conference, organized at the University of Jyväskylä 23-25 November 2017.

akshay khanna, an Indian social anthropologist, lawyer, activist, theatre and development practitioner, is visiting Finland and lecturing at universities in Helsinki, Turku and Jyväskylä.

UniPID has invited akshay to the annual Gender Studies Conference 2017, in which akshay will take part in Workshop 20: Tackling with Temporalities, Cultures and Locations of 'Gender' and 'Development': from Global Sisterhood to Queer Dystopias and the concluding panel of the conference, Futures of Feminism.

akshay will present under the rubric On the Politics of Accommodation - the Ontological Challenges of Gender and the Sexual in Development, exploring the idea of 'sexuality-as-personhood' and the connotations its binary nature has for the development industry. akshay's book, Sexualness, handles an alternative framework of sexuality that could serve as a way to reconceptualize development practitioners' engagement with the sexual.