FinCEAL Plus LAC Pilot Call for Research Visit Grants

September 27, 2016

FinCEAL Plus LAC has opened a Pilot Research Visit Grant Call to support short-term research stays in Finland and thus promote science, technology and innovation cooperation between Finland and the Latin America and Caribbean Region. Deadline for applications is 25th October!

Thepurpose of the FinCEAL Plus LAC Research Visit Grants is to support short-term research stays in Finland andthus promote science, technologyand/or innovation cooperation between Finland and the LAC region. The research cooperation must be related to one ormore of the FinCEAL Plus LAC thematic priority areas. Please note that the Grant needs to be applied for by the hostingFinnish institution. This call is only open to research visits from theLatin America and Caribbean region and does not apply to Africa and Asia. TheCall is open between September 27th and October 25th 2016.

Through this Call, applicants are invited to submit applications for Research Visit Grants between 3000€ and 5000€.
The planned visit must take place between 1stof December 2016 and 30th June 2017. A visit that is planned tooccur outside of this time period cannot be applied for.
  Eligible costs include: travel, accommodation and daily allowances for the invitedresearcher. Travel of the visiting researcher should be by the most economic means possible and accommodation costs kept to a reasonable level.

For more information, please read the full Call here. To apply for funding, please fill in the Application form and send it as a pdf attachment by 25th October, 2016, to FinCEAL Plus LAC Project Coordinator Kajsa Ekroos: kajsa.ekroos[at]

Recipients of the Research Grants will be notified viaemail by Tuesday 1st November, 2016. The list of recipientswill also be published on the UniPID/FinCEAL Plus website.