Past funding calls

1. Targeted Travel Grants

Between 2013 and 2018, FinCEAL awarded a total of 234 Targeted Travel Grants to support experts' participation in Science, Technology and Innovation- related events in Africa, Asia, LAC region and Europe.

2. Open Travel Grants

2. Project Preparatory Grants

  • 2017-2018 Rolling Call: statistics coming soon

  • Rolling Call for Project Preparatory Grants 2015-2016. The Rolling Call for Africa, Asia and LAC-related projects was launched in March 2015 and closed in April 2016. FinCEAL Plus awarded a total of 10 grants between 2000€ and 5000€.

  • Call for Project Preparatory Funding 2013-2014. The first call for this funding targeting Africa and the LAC region was open between December 2013 and January 2014. The second call was open between June and August 2014. Through the two calls, FinCEAL received 20 applications and awarded 6 grants of 5000€.

3. Event Grants

  • 2017-2018 Rolling Call: 30 applications received, 19 event grants awarded.
  • 2016 Call: Targeted events related to Asia and the LAC region only. List of grantees
  • 2015 Call: 18 applications received, 11 grants awarded. List of grantees
  • 2014 Pilot Call: Targeted events related to the LAC region only. 12 applications received, 11 grants awarded

4. Research Visit Grants

  • 2017-2018: statistics coming soon

  • Pilot Call for Research Visit Grants 2016. The Pilot Call was open between September and October 2016 and targeted research visits from the LAC region only. 8 applications from 6 Finnish institutions were received, and 3 grants awarded.

5. The 2021 Partnership Support Instrument Call

The extraordinary 2021 call for funding under the Partnership Support Instrument supported the re-starting and development of partnerships between the Finnish science community and counterparts in Africa, Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean to respond to the realities for cooperation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unlike previous calls, there were no pre-defined funding modalities.

  • 2021 Call: information coming soon