UniPID 20th Anniversary

Welcome to our Anniversary page! Here we showcase and celebrate the effort of Finnish universities and the research community in pursuing global sustainable development through Detangling Development podcast and our Anniversary Blog. Join us the entire year of 2022 to celebrate and foster a culture of critical thinking, responsibility and accountability!

Detangling Development Podcast

In this podcast we dive deeper into important themes that bridge between the activities of universities and the aims of global sustainable development by interviewing special guests with expert insight or research in the specific topics. Our hope is that this podcast will give you a better understanding of the bigger picture and inspire you to not only think about, but also get involved in promoting global responsibility.

Host: Melissa Plath
Podcast editing: Kelly Brito and Alexandra Biris
Original music: Vesa Plath
Music editing: Uha

Finland's role in global sustainable development

In this episode we take a look at Finland's role in global sustainable development using Finland's Africa Strategy as an example. Teppo Eskelinen, philosopher and senior lecturer in Social Sciences at the University of Eastern Finland, joins us to share their insights on the topic.

Anniversary Blog

Have a read into what UniPID, our members and observer members are doing to foster global responsibility and contribute to global sustainable development!

April 13, 2022 — Towards a Stronger Support System for Universities’ Responsible Partnership Practices with UniPID

In this edition of the Anniversary Blog, Subra reflects on academic partnerships and on Aalto University's and UniPID's role in providing opportunities to build on the experiences and perspectives to seek global sustainable development.

March 9, 2022 — “Partnerships evolve via shared research, education and development cooperation over time”

Through the University of Turku’s continuous effort for collaborative internationalization, Käyhkö highlights the evident interconnection between research, education, and societal cooperation, and the value of collaboration building as the foundations for broader development impact.

February 9, 2022 — UniPID – We miss You in JYU!

"We believe there are reasons for JYU to take some pride of the establishment and nurturing of UniPID, in a way that it has already reached its adulthood with the 20th anniversary"