ERAfrica: Developing Africa-European joint collaboration for Science and Technology

Research summary

Establish a long-term framework for communication, collaboration and coordination of programme owners/ managers related to S&T co-operation from Europe and Africa .

Reinforce EU-Africa S&T collaboration by promoting joint learning by African and European research programme owners and managers and identifying relevant instruments to address more effectively the global challenges of sustainable development.

Develop joint funding schemes and procedures between European and African programme owners aiming at supporting joint activities.

Strengthen African research capacities and improve the impact of research for development in Africa. Strengthening the impact and the influence of S&T research implies enhancing the transfer of new knowledge to the benefit of the society. It also implies the achievement of greater coherence between research outputs and policies and funding instruments in other areas than research.


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ERAfrica: Developing Africa-European joint collaboration for Science and Technology

Research timeline
1.12.2010 - 1.11.2014

innovation joint funding science technology



UniPID / University of Jyväskylä
Social Sciences and Philosophy
Jyväskylä, Finland

Head of research
Jeremy Gould

Research team
Melissa Plath

Institute of Research for Development (France); Commission for Development Studies - Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research (Austria); Inter-University Council of the French-Speaking Universities of Belgium: the University Committee for Development (Belgium); Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (Egypt); Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy (Finland); International Bureau, Project Management Agency, German Aerospace Center (Germany); German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Germany); Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (Kenya); Foundation for Science and Technology (Portugal); Department of Science and Technology (South Africa); Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (Spain); Swiss National Science Foundation (Switzerland); Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (Turkey)

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Melissa Plath
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