Epidemiological studies of Maternity Health in Yemen with a reference to adolescents

Research summary

In Yemen the number of maternal and infant mortality and morbidity remains high and more women become disabled as a result of pregnancy and childbirth complications. In addition, Yemen is among the country where female genital mutilation/cutting stills practice and many girls are undergo circumcise.

The Project focuses on estimating the socioeconomic and other contributed factors of both maternal and child health outcomes including maternal mortality in the community setting as well as maternal health care seeking behavior. Also, the project investigates the prevalence and determinant factors for female genital mutilation/cutting


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Research title
Epidemiological studies of Maternity Health in Yemen with a reference to adolescents

Research timeline
1.6.2012 - 1.6.2016

Antenatal care equity factor analysis Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting Home Based Maternal and Neonatal Care project maternal and child health reproductive health socioeconomic status UNICEF Yemen


Finland, Yemen

School of Health Sciences
University of Tampere
Tampere, Finland

Funding instrument
Other, Ministry for Foreign Affairs (ICI, HEI-ICI, N-S-S)

Head of research
Abdullah Alosaimi

Research team
Abdullah Alosaimi (Yemen), Riitta Luoto (Finland), Abdul Wahed Al Serouri (Yemen), Bright Nwaru (Finland), Halima Mouniri (Morocco), Birgitta Essén (Sweden).

The School of Health Sciences - University of Tampere, Department of Community Medicine - Faculty of Medicine – Sana’a University in Yemen, Department of Community Medicine, Yemeni Board for Medical Specialisations –Ministry of Public Health & population in Yemen, Department of Women's and Children's Health at Uppsala University.

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Abdullah Alosaimi

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