ICT Supported Community-engaged Forestry Education in Kenya

Research summary

A clear need for strengthening forestry education in Kenya has been identified by local and international stakeholders due to increasing demands of sustainable management of natural resources and fast developments of learning technologies. The key objectives of the project are to strengthen the educational capacity and societal role of University of Eldoret in Kenya within the area of sustainable natural resource management by enhancing (a) curricula and subject-specific capacity, (b) pedagogical and ICT capacity, (c) community engagement, and (d) administrative and networking capacity.


Forests are important providers of a wide range of benefits, such as biodiversity conservation, livelihood, water supply, climate regulation, etc. However, forests in Kenya are being affected by population growth and resources demand. Thus the current project aims to find solutions to ensure environmental sustainability of forests in Kenya. In order to address the increasing forestry problem in Kenya, the project focuses on educating local communities and improving the curriculum of forestry departments. Understanding the relevance and importance of forestry and sustainable natural resource management is key to the preservation and development of forests in Kenya. The main contributions of the project are:
- Practical aspects of the BSc forestry curriculum are strengthened
- Forestry education curricula at postgraduate level (MSc and PhD) is improved
- Local communities engage with teachers, students and graduates

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Research title
ICT Supported Community-engaged Forestry Education in Kenya

Research timeline
1.3.2014 - 1.3.2014

climate development E-Learning entventure forestry ICT Sustainability


Finland, Kenya

University of Eastern Finland
School of Computing
Joensuu, Finland

Head of research
Sari Pitkänen

Research team
Sari Pitkänen, Javier Arevalo, Jarkko Suhonen, Jaakko Helminen, Myriam Munezero

Department of Forestry and Wood Science - University of Eldoret, School of Forest Sciences - University of Eastern Finland, School of Computing - University of Eastern Finland, Arbonaut Ltd., Global Village, Regional Council of North Karelia,

Contact information
Dr. Jarkko Suhonen
jarkko.suhonen (at) uef.fi

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