Training Masters in Ecosystem Services Management in Protected Areas - ECOSERVE

Research summary

The designation of protected areas and of regions of special conservation interest has gained due relevance across the globe, particularly in the past three decades. Territories covered by protected areas are steadily expanding. Within this framework, numerous international strategies define the importance of Capacity Building and Training as the key challenge of the 21st century. The Training Masters in Ecosystem Services Management in Protected Areas (ECOSERVE) aims at developing an innovative practice-oriented MSc programme according to Bologna criteria in the field of protected areas management, and at meeting sustainable development and labour market needs through networking activities.

ECOSERVE will be a qualitatively new MSc programme implemented in higher education institutions of the Russian Federation and Mongolia, strengthening their educational partnership with non-academic partners in the field of protected areas management and responding to demands for professionals of public services, private service providers and tourism businesses. It will contribute to adapt land management strategies to the actual changing natural drivers, such as climate, in alignment with global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The program knowledge base, materials and courses in Russian, Mongolian and English, will be continuously updated and disseminated through a network of resources centres of protected areas in Partner country HEIs, promoting inter-regional cooperation in environmental protection, nature and biodiversity conservation issues, and management.


Enhancing the quality and relevance of partner countries higher education by developing innovative study programs according to Bologna practices in the field protected areas management (biological and agricultural sciences) and through networking activities to meet sustainable development and labour market needs.

1) Within the project time the partner country HEIs in the selected regions develop and implement an innovative MSc curricula on ecosystem services in protected areas tailored to the demands of practice partners

2) The involved HEIs in the partner countries built up capacities through updated teaching facilities/ equipment, improved learning competences and skills and exchange in local and inter-regional project networks

3) HEI resources centres on Protected areas management are set up to encompass other network partners and disseminate information, materials, courses and unique case examples on a wider scale.


Interchange of lecturers and students between the UEF and partner institutions

Contribute to the development of education initiatives in Russian Federation and Mongolia

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Research title
Training Masters in Ecosystem Services Management in Protected Areas - ECOSERVE

Research timeline
1.6.2021 -

asia Education Finland forest management forestry italy mongolia protected areas rumania Russia spain



University of Eastern Finland
School of Forest Sciences
Joensuu, Finland

Funding instrument
European Union Funding

Project budget
500,000 - 1 million euros

Head of research
Blas Mola

Research team
Cristina Vega

University of Lleida (Lleida, Spain) Coordination, University of Eastern Finland (Finland), University of Agricultural Sciences (Romania), Transilvania University of Brasov (Romania), National Research Council (Italy), University of Zaragoza (Spain), Baikalsky State Nature Biosphere Reserve (Russian Federation), Budgetary, Institution of the Republic of Buryatica (Russian Federation), Mongolian University of Life Sciences (Mongolia), Eco Asia Environmental University (Molgolia) Federal State Education Institution of Higher Professional (Russian Federation) Federal State Budgetary Educational Institute (Russian Federation) Ulaantaiga (Mongolia) Argunmanlailagch (Mongolia)

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Blas Mola

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