Spectral imaging and analysis in environmental and industrial applications - SPEVINDS

Research summary

The goals of the SPEVINDS project were: 1)Conducting fundamental research and 2) Generating industrial applications and prototyping.

Basic research was conducted around the topic of how to pack and save spectral images most effectively, involving, for example, the types of files that need to be developed. A key aspect of the project is naturally how the basic research findings can be applied in practice and how they can be used to generate business


The focus of the joint research project between Olympus corporation Japan, and the University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu campus was on multi-spectral imaging. Particularly on the ways that multi-spectral imaging can be used to observe and measure multitude of different phenomena. The application field for multi-spectral imaging is very diverse, including for instance, medicine, where it can be used to examine various diseases. Other type of application can be found in forestry, where multi-spectral imaging can be used to survey forests, terrain, and natural resources. Olympus, the project partners were particularly keen on medical applications.

Fundamental research activities dealt mainly with finding the most efficient ways to store and and compress spectral images. The essential are of interest, of course, is how new findings are transformed into practical applications and business

The project resulted in four scientific publications. In addition to scientific research the companies participating in the project were looking forward for innovative solutions for their business. Most of solutions concerned security and automotive control of manufacturing process. During the project different ideas have been embodied into prototypes which were successfully tested in industrial environment. One of prototypes has resulted in invention disclosure.

The collaboration between Olympus and the Joensuu cluster has given rise to various applications for medical science and the forest industry.

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Research title
Spectral imaging and analysis in environmental and industrial applications - SPEVINDS

Research timeline
1.1.2013 - 1.4.2015

Multi-spectral imaging Optics Photonics spectral image storage techniques.


Finland, Japan

University of Eastern Finland
SIB-lab infarustructure Unit
Joensuu, Finland

Funding instrument
Business Finland, Academy of Finland

Head of research
Hauta-Kasari Markku

Research team
Markku Hauta-Kasari, Juha Purmonen

Olympus Corporation, Japan, University of Eastern Finland - Joensuu Exel Composites, Abloy locking company, Phillips-Medisize

Contact information
+358 50 405 6231
Markku Hauta-Kasari

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