Bioinformatics and Information Retrieval Data Structures Analysis and Design (BIRDS)

Research summary

The overall goal of BIRDS is to establish a long term international network involving leading researchers in bioinformatics and information retrieval from four different continents, to strengthen the partnership through the exchange of knowledge and expertise, and to develop integrated approaches to improve current approaches in both fields. It will be implemented through staff exchanges, in addition to summer schools, workshops and conferences to facilitate knowledge sharing between members of the partnership. Research results will be disseminated to the market through a cooperation with an innovative SME software development company based in Europe.


To improve the scientific excellence of the participants in the design of advanced data structures and algorithms for the fields of bioinformatics and information retrieval.
To reinforce existing collaborations and to create new collaborations among all the participants, both between EU and international partners and especially among EU partners.
To increase the number of new researchers being attracted to the field and to improve the education of PhD candidates and postdocs.


WP1 Coordination and management
WP2 Algorithms for sequence analysis
WP3 Compression and indexing techniques for repetitive data
WP4 Data structures and algorithms for network analysis
WP5 Research integration, benchmarking and evaluation
WP6 Training, dissemination and demonstration activities

Our publications present the outcomes of our joint research and consultations.
See our Website, the results section for a list of our publications

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Research info

Research title
Bioinformatics and Information Retrieval Data Structures Analysis and Design (BIRDS)

Research timeline
1.1.2016 - 1.12.2019

biological and genome scale data Data Structures dna sequencing technology Information processing storage and indexing

Asia Latin America

Australia, Chile, Japan, Spain

University of Helsinki
Department of Computer Science
Helsinki, Finland

Funding instrument
European Union Funding

Head of research
Simon J Puglisi

Research team
Simon J Puglisi, Susana Ladra, Luis M.S. Russo, Gillermo de Bernardo, Gonzalo Navarro, Diego Seco, Hideo Bannai, Andrew Turpin

Universidade da Coruna-Spain, University of Helsinki-Finland, INESC ID-Portugal, ENXENIO SL-Spain,Universidad de Chile- Chile, Universidad de Concepcion- Chile, Kyushu University- Japan, University of Melbourne- Australia

Contact information
Simon J Puglisi
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