Family Changes after Suicide in China

Research summary

The main research purpose includes gaining understanding about the changes of living experiences of individuals in family and family as a whole post suicide over time; and gaining understanding about the differences between successful and unsuccessful cases for individuals and families in the grief process post suicide and the related causes underneath them. In practice, it is expected to apply the findings of this research to provide reference for psychological crisis intervention with suicide survivors particularly on how to meet the changing needs of mourning individuals and families.


This research follows qualitative approach. There are 3 rounds of data collection in field work. In the 1st round of data collection, the research recruited individuals who had experienced suicide of their loved ones, and then conducted interviews with them and other family members who accept to participate the interviews. The 2nd and 3rd round of field work will mainly aim to track the longitudinal changes experienced by participants who lost their loved ones to suicide in less than one year when interviewed in the 1st round. Apart from this, in the following 2nd and 3rd round, the potential interviewees whose family members died of suicide in too short time to be interviewed in steady emotion during the 1st round can be considered to be interviewed.In data analysis, every interview is to be transcribed into text and then analyzed afterwards.

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Research title
Family Changes after Suicide in China

Research timeline
1.1.2015 - 1.1.2019

changes family suicide


China, Finland

University of Eastern Finland
Philosophical Faculty, School of Educational Sciences and Psychology
Joensuu, Finland

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Head of research
Yan Chen

Research team
Yan Chen; Aarno Laitila; Hannu R├Ąty

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yan chen

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