Innovation of Transmission Technologies towards 5G Networks

Research summary

The widely-recognized essential features of the emerging 5G network compared with 4G networks include: 1000 times larger system capacity, 1/1000 power consumption, 10 Gbps peak rate and 1 ms end-to-end delay, while the innovation in transmission technologies is the basis in achieving this goal. The research carried out in this project can be divided into three areas: 1) New transmission architecture and protocol design for 5G networks 2) Green-transmission enabled 5G network technologies, 3) Advanced spectrum-sharing and smart transmission strategies in 5G networks. The proposed architectures, protocols, algorithms, techniques, and schemes are validated and evaluated through simulation platform and demonstration systems. Through this project, we expect to not only build theoretical foundations for 5G networks, but also to provide high-quality training opportunities for graduate students and engineers both in Finnish and Chinese Universities/Research Institutes.


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Research title
Innovation of Transmission Technologies towards 5G Networks

Research timeline
1.8.2015 - 1.8.2015

5G protocol design Transmission Technologies


China, Finland

University of Oulu

Funding instrument
Academy of Finland

Project budget
0 - 200,000 euros

Head of research
Antti Tölli

Xi'an Jiatong University

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