Relationship of vascular adhension protein-1(VAP-1) and cardiovascular factors

Research summary

Vascular adhesion protein-1 (VAP-1) is an adhesion molecule and involved in leukocyte rolling, adhesion, and transmigration from the blood into sites of inflammation, which is important for the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis. VAP-1 was found and identified in Turku by Prof. Sirpa Jalkanen. In this study, we planed to investigate the relationship soluble VAP-1(sVAP-1) in serum with cardiovascular factors based on Chinese population. This is an internation collaboration project. Finland provides technical supports and VAP-1 antibodies to China. Parters in China performed population study.


This collaboration was started from 2013. In China, blood samples and clinical data over one thousand patients have been collected. sVAP-1 was measured for all blood samples. The correlation between sVAP-1 and cardiovascular risk factors was analyzed. Currently, two main findings are: 1) sVAP-1 concentration correlates with cardiovascular risk factors and subclinical atherosclerosis in an age-, sex- and glucose-dependent manner. 2) sVAP-1, increased with age, is associated with arterial stiffness in older individuals, implying sVAP-1 may be an important mechanism for vascular ageing. Two publications have been worked out based on these findings:
1. Chen DW, Jin Y, Zhao RM, Zhang J, Han C, Jiang SQ, Zheng HF and Wang JC. Plasma soluble vascular adhension protein-1 concentration with arterial stiffness: a cross-sectional study. Arch Gerontol Geriatr. 2015;61:67-71
2. Chen D-W, Zhao R-M, Jin Y, Long L-J, Zhang J, Roivainen A, Han C, Knuuti J, Jalkanen S, Wang J-C. Age-, sex- and glucose-dependent correlation of plasma soluble vascular adhesion protein-1 concentration with cardiovascular risk factors and subclinical atherosclerosis. Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci in press
Since the collaboration is very successful, we are planning to continue this project in the future. In the future, we will focus on the following fields: 1) VAP-1 enzyme activity. 2) specific diseases: such as diabetes and neurological disorders. 3) histoimmunechemical staining on carotid plaques.

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Research title
Relationship of vascular adhension protein-1(VAP-1) and cardiovascular factors

Research timeline
1.7.2013 - 1.8.2016


China, Finland

Turku PET Centre
Turku, Finland

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Project budget
0 - 200,000 euros

Head of research
Chunlei Han

Research team
Dawei Chen, Jianchang Wang, Sirpa Jalkanen, Anne Roivainen, Juhani Knuuti

The General Air Force Hospital of China, Medicity of Turku University

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Chunlei Han

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