Aquaculture and fisheries development in the Kyrgyz Republic

Research summary

Development of fisheries and aquaculture in the Kyrgyz Republic especially through training. We have trained and educated students in the sector, and area also working on curriculum development with the local universities. In addition we are researching the status of recreational fisheries and the socio-economic status of fisher communities. Research is also focusing on developing the value chain from pond to plate, by training on hygiene and cold-chain management and we are also looking at the logistic chain and identifying gaps and critical points where interventions need to be made. Research is also looking into awareness of fish as a nutritive source of food. We are also researching different processing techniques of fish and product development.


Research info

Research title
Aquaculture and fisheries development in the Kyrgyz Republic

Research timeline
1.9.2009 - 1.3.2016

aquaculture Education entrepreneurship fisheries food security Gender Nutrition Security


Finland, Kyrgyzstan

University of Eastern Finland
Faculty of Science and Forestry
Kuopio, Finland

Funding instrument

Project budget
200,000 - 500,000 euros

Head of research
Roseanna Avento

Research team
Liisa Nurminen UEF, Heimo Mikkola UEF, Jannina Viljakainen UEF, Bermet Tazhibaeva Kyrgyz National Agrarian University

Food and Agriculture Organisation, Kyrgyz National Agrarian University, Private sector, CSOs

Contact information
Roseanna Avento

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