Javier Arevalo


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University of Eastern Finland


Department of Geographical and Historical Studies

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bioenergy conflicts Europe governance

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  • Project date 1.9.2011
  • Head of research Prof. Jarmo Kortelainen
  • Language n/a

The objectives of the project are to analyze the emergence of bioenergy governance systems and regulation from a transnational scale to local environments. This research project aims to study means how the conflicts are dealt with and develop tools to include stakeholders to governance processes. The study aims to: 1) Study how conflicts and stakeholder involvement are taken into account in the emerging transnational BEG by focusing on two cases: Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP) and EU bioenergy policy. 2) Scrutinize concrete local bioenergy projects through case studies in Europe and Africa (Kenya, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone). 3) Examine bioenergy conflicts globally by constructing a broad database, as well as develop related educational resources.


Jarmo Kortelainen, Javier Arevalo, Moritz Albrecht