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centre of expertise eLearning evidence-based GraphoGame learning games Literacy literacy learning mobile learning sub-Saharan Africa teaching technology-enhanced learning

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  • Project date 1.5.2014–1.5.2014
  • Head of research Heikki Lyytinen
  • Language n/a

The ongoing CAPOLSA Phase II project completes the capacity building in CAPOLSA Phase I and needed for reaching the final goal of the ongoing action to help as many children as possible in Sub-Sahara Africa to learn the basic skills, and be able to have appropriate reading skills to acquire functional literacy by being offered appropriate reading material. Together with the training of coordinators for distribution of literacy support throughout Zambia and its neighbouring countries, the project builds skills and networks to overcome the complete lack of reading material which children who have just learned to read have to have. 1. The Capolsa Centre works as a national help centre in Zambia for the tens of thousands of first grade teachers who will be using small tablet computers that Grapholearn Initiative for optimal learning results as well as the learning-game based reading practicing environments (Graphogame). It also serves as the whole Sub-Saharan resource centre in order to extend the reach of their expertise eventually to all the countries in Sub-Sahara area.


  • Project date 1.6.2011–1.12.2012
  • Head of research Heikki Lyytinen
  • Language n/a

The aim of the CAPOLSA project is to establish a strong literacy centre with international visibility and impact, specifically in African countries facing similar challenges to Zambia. The literacy training approach is based on the Grapho Learning Initiative and the innovative and efficient digital-based learning game, GraphoGame that has been developed based on scientific studies led by Professor Heikki Lyytinen.  THe project was funded by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the HEI ICI programme. Project Award Number: HEI ICI‐2010‐P1‐000153


Professor Heikki Lyytinen, Professor Robert Serpell, Head of Planning & Development Päivi Fadjukoff