Bayan Arouri

Doctoral student


Doctoral researcher at Tampere University on Decolonizing Understanding of Gender among Syrian Refugees in Lebanon, and Jordan.


am a doctoral researcher at Tampere University. I have an M.A in Human Rights and Human Development, I am a qualified and dedicated researcher, passionate about human rights, humanitarianism, gender studies, and development. My MA thesis titled 'An Assessment of the UN Response to the Humanitarian Status during the Yemen Crisis.' It critically discussed the coherence of the UN humanitarian policies in the context of this current conflict.  During my studies, I was granted the Erasmus + program to study in Finland- Tampere University. Besides, I was granted twice the teaching assistant scholarship. Regarding my work experience, I have experience in the research field in both qualitative and quantitative research methods. I worked on the "Gender Barometer" research project as Research Associate,  assisting mainly in conducting a desk review and conducting a comprehensive questionnaire. This research project used focus group discussion to improve the understanding of the context of the questionnaire as a quantitative methodology that results in reliable data. I assisted in conducting a questionnaire and analyze the data critically, also writing the final research reports.

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Tampere University


Peace and Conflict Department-Social Sciences Faculty

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development Gender Human Rights peace and conflict studies. refugee and migration