Friday Joseph Agbo

Doctoral candidate


Design and development of smart learning environment for programming education.



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University of Eastern Finland


School of computing

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Research projects

  • Project date 1.1.2018
  • Head of research Friday Joseph Agbo
  • Language n/a

This project is a doctoral study aimed at designing a smart learning environment (SLE) for programming education at higher education institutions in Nigeria context. The research hopes to make computing and programming education, an interesting learning experience. It will bridge the gap that exists between students with a programming background and those without by personalizing and adapting to learners preferred style. Besides, the use of SLE for computing education in the context of developing countries have not hitherto received much attention; this research tries to delve into the specific application of this 21st-century learning technology for computer programming knowledge. Thus, allowing indigenous students to develop their problem-solving capability, algorithmic thinking, and solve computational tasks, and consequently become local content developers and solution providers. With the experiences of researchers at the EdTech group of the school of computing, University of Eastern Finland, the project is envisaged to solve the problem of individualized learning by encouraging collaborative learning, motivating students to share their learning experiences. At the end of the research, we hope to make programming courses accessible and interesting to students especially novices; motivate learners to learn and practice their programming skills.


Professor Markku Tukiainen, Dr. Jarkko Suhonen, Dr. Solomon Oyelere, Mr. Friday Joseph Agbo