Outi Luova

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University of Turku


Centre for East Asian Studies

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02-333 5017

accountability cities Education environment good governance governance green justice green transition NGO participation sustainable development urban urban planning

Research projects

  • Project date 1.1.2013
  • Head of research Outi Luova
  • Language n/a

This project focuses on how urban governments and social stakeholders in China’s cities engage with major environmental risks and how they tackle the long overdue transition towards cities becoming more green, liveable and sustainable. The research findings will be published in 2017 as: "China’s Emerging Green Urban Governance - Tackling environmental and sustainability challenges at the city level" Editors: Jørgen Delman, Yuan Ren, Outi Luova, Mattias Burell, Oscar Almén


Jörgen Delman, Oscar Almén, Mattias Burell, Ren Yuan