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Welcome to the FinCEAL Infobank, a multidisciplinary expert and project database. The Infobank includes Finnish researchers' profiles as well as research and capacity building projects carried out by them on/in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. The purpose of the Infobank is to facilitate knowledge exchange, communication and cooperation opportunities between researchers focusing on these regions in Finland, Finnish ministries and embassies, as well as potential partners abroad. Researchers and experts from all Finnish higher education and research institutions with ongoing cooperation initiatives in Africa, Asia or the LAC region are invited to register to the database. Infobank users can search for either projects or people with different criteria: theme or topic, key words, institution or focus country. 

The Infobank is maintained by Finnish University Partnership for International Development, and its development has been funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture through the FinCEAL initiative. For more information on Finnish capacity building initiatives with developing countries, please see HEI-ICI projects (The Higher Education Institutions Institutional Cooperation Instrument) on the Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) website.

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Highlighted projects

PRE-LEAP-RE aims to contribute to identifying and formulating a strategic jointly designed Research and Innovation Agenda for renewable energy (RE) collaboration between Europe and Africa and establishing the organizational principles for its implementation in a forthcoming Joint Programme. The project will bringing together national funding agencies from EU and African States, involving key European and African actors of energy research. The key anticipated outcome of the PRE-LEAP-RE project is a European Joint Programme (EJP) in the field of RE.


Melissa Plath, Quivine Ndomo

The aim of the BIOBM project is to investigate the transition to the bioeconomy as a profound change in production and usage, as well as in doing business and consumption. The study is driven by the social, ecological and economic considerations of a sustainable bioeconomy which call for rethinking how we define and utilize resources, how value is created in a networked world and how the circular processes of bio-based and other material flows connect in novel ways. Our aim is to identify the characteristics of successful business models of born globals for a sustainable bioeconomy.


Mika Gabrielsson, Saara Julkunen, Emma Incze, Sara Fraccastoro, Jouni Pykäläinen, Päivi Pelli, Anu Laakkonen

I4Future - Imaging for the Future: Novel Imaging and Characterization Methods in Bio, Medical and Environmental Research and Technology Innovations is a Marie Sklodowska-Curie action co-funded international, interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral doctoral programme. The programme brings together complementary and supplementary expertise of internationally accredited researchers with the aim of training young researchers in an interdisciplinary manner in highly relevant sosioeconomic research areas using state-of-the-art techniques. The programme network consists of 17 University of Oulu research groups, 10 international partner universities, 11 private companies and 4 multidisciplinary public sector organisations.


Marko Huttula, Matti Alatalo, Erkki Thuneberg, Nonne Prisle