Research projects 3

  • Head of research Sonja Bj√∂rklund
  • Language n/a

To strengthen the resilience of the people living in high risk urban and semi-urban areas, this project concentrates on establishing an Early Warning System through the improvement of early warning services with the support of the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), in close cooperation with the National Meteorological Services (NMSs) of Malawi, government and other main stakeholders at various levels.

Consulting HKH-HYCOS project and its Regional Flood information System (RFIS) and National Flood Information System (NFIS) in Data management and Quality Control (QC) functions for meteorological and hydrological data.

  • Head of research Jaakko Nuottokari
  • Language n/a

The overall objective of this project between FMI and NHMS was the promotion of economic development and reduced risks for the loss of life and property caused by severe weather and climate events in the Vietnamese society. The Project Purpose was the increased capacity of the National Hydro-Meteorological Service in the reduction of natural disaster risks and adaptation to climate change of the Vietnamese society.