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Emerging technologies such as affordable smart phones with 4G access, broadband internet, and interactive interfaces employing gestures or speech, are revolutionizing the ways we access information, learn new skills and interact with the world around us. However, developing world communities - who stand to benefit from such technologies - were, until recently, largely neglected. Interactive technologies provide a means to address learning challenges such as functional illiteracy and information access barriers, and can improve learning and education, health and wellbeing, and agricultural practices.


Markku Turunen, Jaakko Hakulinen, Mikko Ruohonen, Sumita Sharma, Pekka Kallioniemi, Juhani Linna

The ENhHANCE project proposes enhancements for SECE-AAiT and CoICT-UDSM in engineering education, research capacity and industry outreach through collaborative activities with COMNET-Aalto. The COMNET-Aalto department is a long-established and leading unit for research and education in Finland in the area of networking and communications engineering, and plans to leverage that extensive knowledge and experience for the benefit of the partner HEIs (SECE-AAiT and CoICT-UDSM).


Prof. Riku Jäntti (Aalto), Prof. Jyri Hämäläinen (Aalto), Dr. Edward Mutafungwa (Aalto), Beneyam Haile (Aalto), Dr. Dereje Hailemariam (AAiT), Dr. Eneyew Adugna (AAiT), Prof. Henry Kundaeli (CoICT-UDSM), Dr. Honest C. Kimaro (CoICT-UDSM)

  • Head of research Pertti Raatikainen
  • Language n/a

Converged Infrastructure for Emerging Regions (CIER) will design and implement the prototype of a self-configuring, cost- and energy effective, multi-radio, wireless backhaul network suitable for providing broadband connectivity to rural areas throughout the world, which are experiencing limited or none connectivity to the internet. Our vision is that communication infrastructure in emerging regions (Africa and parts of Europe) will be based on heterogeneous wireless mesh networks to connect geographically very large areas in an extremely harsh environment.


Sami Ruponen, Kimmo Ahola, Elisa Jimeno, Juha Zidbeck.