PREparing for a Long-Term Joint EU-AU Research and Innovation Partnership on Renewable Energy (PRE-LEAP-RE)

Research summary

PRE-LEAP-RE aims to contribute to identifying and formulating a strategic jointly designed Research and Innovation Agenda for renewable energy (RE) collaboration between Europe and Africa and establishing the organizational principles for its implementation in a forthcoming Joint Programme. The project will bringing together national funding agencies from EU and African States, involving key European and African actors of energy research.
The key anticipated outcome of the PRE-LEAP-RE project is a European Joint Programme (EJP) in the field of RE.


Within fourteen months, PRE-LEAP-RE will prepare a European Joint Programme (EJP),setting the foundation for future collaboration between the AU and EU on renewable energy (RE) activities. This project forms the basis for long-term African-European collaboration in RE and will contribute to a better understanding of the AU-EU ecosystem. In addition, PRE-LEAP-RE will promote a pathway for empowering local research through Europe-Africa cooperation while fostering the conditions for transforming research into effective innovation, tailored to specific societal needs while acknowledging regional discrepancies.

PRE-LEAP-RE will implement activities under the following 4 work packages:

We will conduct a review and an analysis of relevant past and current collaborative initiatives between Africa and Europe in the field of renewable energies.
We will formulate what has to be achieved during the EJP-RE Programme.
We will foster a stakeholder community and encourage the engagement of actors in the project.
We will ensure the achievement of the project's objectives and effective communication.

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Research title
PREparing for a Long-Term Joint EU-AU Research and Innovation Partnership on Renewable Energy (PRE-LEAP-RE)

Research timeline
1.7.2018 - 1.8.2019

european joint programme(ejp) pre-leap-re renewable energy strategic joint research and innovation agenda for au-eu collaboration in re technological and social innovation pathway


Algeria, Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The, Djibouti, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Finland, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-bissau, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Madagascar, Mauritania, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Seychelles, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, United Republic Of, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda, Western Sahara, Zambia, Zimbabwe

University of Jyväskylä
Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences
Jyväskylä, Finland

Funding instrument
European Union Funding

Project budget
500,000 - 1 million euros

Head of research
Melissa Plath

Research team
Melissa Plath, Quivine Ndomo

2iE- Burkina Faso, ACU-UK, AESG-Rwanda, ANER-Senegal, CEA-France, DLR-PT Germany, DST-South Africa, EERA-Europe, IE-Netherlands, JYU-UNIPID- Finland, KINNO-Greece, LGI- France, MESRS- Algeria, NRF- South Africa, NWO- Netherlands, POLIMI-Italy, SU-Kenya

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Melissa Plath
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