ReWell - promoting regional wellbeing through adult and vocational education

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It focussed on improving vocational and adult education to respond better to concrete needs in society and industry; it engaged and encouraged female teachers and students to have an active role in development of their institutions, their communities and wider society; of entrepreneurship, basic social and health care, environmental education and waste management, updating of adult education provision, improving vocational teacher education; it encouraged universities to collaborate more concretely with adult and vocational institutes for example in graduate and doctoral thesis research.


The project ReWell – promoting regional wellbeing through adult and vocational education – engaged tens of teachers and students in universities of Tampere, Mzumbe and Kyambogo, as well as staffs of regional adult and vocational education and vocational teacher education institutes. The main platforms of mutual learning were courses and seminars in partner universities, visits and meetings between different actors, and intensive courses held in Morogoro, Tanzania. All activities were supported by a joint moodle-platform.
The main outcome was a shared concern about sustainability of industries and ways of life in global scale, and a joint ambition to react through university, adult and vocational education. Although the context and conditions, and their historical and cultural background, differ between global North and South, educators face similar challenges in raising awareness about the consequences of human activity to future of human and non-human life on the planet, and about the authentic qualities of good life, wellbeing and happiness. The project showed that it is high time for different institutions and actors to integrate their efforts in practice.
Besides mutual learning, studies, encounters and research, the project produced numerous presentations and articles for different audiences, and is currently publishing a multi-media documentary about lessons learnt and a reference material to be used in university studies, in education of adult and vocational educators and in policy-making.
Participants of ReWell are planning to continue activities in different forms, between adult and vocational education and vocational educator institutes, in cooperation with regional industries, and with follow-up research and academic support from universities. They welcome interested actors in global North and South to make a contact and join planning of sustainable futures through adult and vocational education.

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Research title
ReWell - promoting regional wellbeing through adult and vocational education

Research timeline
1.6.2014 - 1.2.2016

adult education, vocational education, promotion of regional wellbeing educating educators; economic social and environmental wellbeing


Finland, Tanzania, United Republic Of, Uganda

University of Tampere
School of Education
Tampere, Finland

Funding instrument
Other, Ministry for Foreign Affairs (ICI, HEI-ICI, N-S-S)

Head of research
Anja Heikkinen

Research team
Anja Heikkinen, Perpetua Kalimasi Kilasi, Kimani Muturi

University of Tampere, Mzumbe University, Kyambogo University, network partners Tampere Polytechnic (vocational teacher education), Tampere (vocational) adult education institute, Tampere region vocational college, Tampere region adult education centre, Morogoro Vocational Teacher Training College, Tanzanian Institute of Adult Education

Contact information
Anja Heikkinen
040 1901464

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